Another client, Irene, has a very demanding job; most of her spare time is spent carrying out her work as Commissioner of Volunteerism for a large local county. Irene loves to read and tear out magazine articles. She gets both information and inspiration from a variety of publications. Irene hired me to help her sort the articles in binders by subject. I set up the binders for her. Now, whenever she finds new articles, I can easily categorize and store them. I am able to “tame” the magazine
articles with twice-monthly visits. The resulting paper organization allows Irene to pursue the volunteer work that is her true passion.

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Commonwealth Organizing Solutons is dedicated to serving professional women in the DC metro area. We address and solve issues related to the excess of paper that causes stress, takes up a professional’s valuable time and effects the bottom line.

Jeanette, a successful realtor, was a client for several years before she left the area for retirement. Jeanette needed ongoing help with her papers. I was very fortunate that another organizer, Cindy, had set up the filing system. When Cindy retired and I began working with Jeanette the changeover was seamless. I was able to easily continue filing business and personal paperwork. It was a snap to gather up tax-related documents for Jeanette’s accountant. Jeanette was able to continue doing what she did best, selling real estate.
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