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About Commonwealth Organizing Solutions
Sally Reinholdt has been organizing everything from pantries to paper for as long as she can remember. She has also spent more than 32 years as an operating room nurse, a profession where organization is essential. In 2001, Sally combined her passion for organizing with her love of working with people and the result was Commonwealth Organizng Solutions.

The transition from being a full-time nurse to an organizer felt very comfortable to Sally. Organizing, like surgery, has a beginning, a middle and an end. In the beginning, both the surgical patient and the organizing client are feeling a high level of stress and as if their worlds are out of control. The middle stage consists of the hands-on activities necessary to reach the end point. At this end point both the surgical patient and organizing client feel a deep sense of relief and significantly less stress. The surgical patient can look forward to a physical recovery and the organizing client has an office that is conducive to productivity.

In nursing school the curriculum included courses on active listening. This training has served Sally well as both a nurse and an organizer. It is through active listening that Sally is able to communicate effectively with her clients, which fosters successful client-organizer relationships.

“This is almost as good as a spa treatment to have someone help organize me, especially you. You’re punctual, thoughtful, have good judgement and good ideas, are a good listener, are dependable, patient, kind and well, organized!”
Karen M., Arlington, VA

Community and Volunteer Work 

Sally continues to use her nursing skills to give back to others who have limited access to health care. Her first medical mission was in 2003 to Iquitos, Peru. Since that time she has completed five missions to Jamaica, one to Ethiopia and six and counting to Hospital Sacre Coeur in northern Haiti. 

Professional Affiliations

Sally is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) ( which sets national standards and provides ongoing education for professional organizers. All NAPO members operate in accordance with the NAPO Code of Ethics. 

Sally is also a member of the South Arlington Lead share Association where she has served as president and multiple terms as treasurer. She is currently a member of WBIS (Women in Business Investing in Success), the Northern Virginia Women’s Network and WECAN (Women Entrepreneurs: Community, Accountability and Networking). All of these groups provide business support and continuing education through seminars and workshops on a variety of business topics.