Whatever happened to the paperless office? It got filled with paper, that's what!

My name is Sally Reinholdt and I work with professional women to help them tame their paper piles.

Controlling your paper allows you to control your time and as we all know, time is money. When my clients are able to conquer their paper piles they report that their stress levels decrease significantly. They also reclaim valuable time to devote to something far more important, their businesses.

Janice, an attorney in solo practice, had a backlog of several years worth of paper and no filing system. I set up an easy-to-follow filing system based on her needs and work style. And voila! Within one week the paper backlog had disapppeared. Important documents can now be quickly and easily located and filed. Backlogs are a thing of the past because all her records now have a designated "home".

"Our firm offers accounting and tax preparation services so we have lots of files and are required to keep all documents at our finger tips. We contracted with Sally to assist us in organizing our new office. She was efficient, a great help to my staff and very knowledgable about organzing spaces for maximum efficiency. Believe it or not, our total office was in working order in just one eight hour day. We could not have accomplished this without Sally's help".
Kathleen H., Alexandria, VA